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Converting to CRM 2011 JavaScript: Setting Requirement Levels

In addition to showing and hiding fields in CRM 4.0, an additional technique many of us used was to change the requirement level of a field based on the value of another field.  Again, this was an unsupported customization but very, very common.   Setting the Requirement […]

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Converting to CRM 2011 JavaScript: Showing and Hiding form elements

Let’s face it: we all did unsupported customizations with our CRM 4.0 JavaScript in order to present to the user an interface that was contextually relevant. Most of that modification involved the showing and hiding of fields, sections, and tabs through the DOM manipulation by setting the […]

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Converting to CRM 2011 JavaScript: Form Elements

One of the most fascinating things I found during the creation of the CRM Migration Assistant is the different methods developers use to access CRM form fields, and other form elements. Normally, people access a form field using the following style of JavaScript: This is the […]

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Converting to CRM 2011 JavaScript: The basics

I thought that I would outline some of the conversion techniques that we use in the CRM Migration Assistant to convert JavaScript from the CRM 4.0  object model to the CRM 2011 object model. Many of the techniques we used in CRM 4.0 were technically unsupported.  But […]

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