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Upcoming Webinar: JavaScripting with Dynamics CRM 2011

JavaScript allows an administrator to enhance the functionality of Dynamics CRM 2011 in order to better fit your business processes. This Lunch and Learn session delivers an introduction to JavaScript development and will cover the following topics: Setting up your development environment Introduction to the form editor […]

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Dynamics CRM 4.0-2011 Upgrade Tip #6: Clean up deleted records

Full disclosure: I am blatantly stealing this idea from Joel Lindstrom at Customer Effective, as outlined in this article: Preparing for CRM 2011: How to Make your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Upgrade Faster Run the deletion service. In CRM 4.0, if you deleted records, the records were […]

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Dynamics CRM 4.0-2011 Upgrade Tip #5: Remove unsupported database changes

As you used your Dynamics CRM 4.0 database you may have had occasion to add "unsupported" objects to the database.  These could be anything from indexes ( fairly supported ) to triggers ( pretty unsupported ) to custom stored procedures. You need to consider removing all of […]

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Dynamics CRM 4.0-2011 Upgrade Tip #3: Clean up the System Job and Workflow Job Tables

In CRM 4.0 the system jobs table, otherwise known as the AsyncOperationsBase table, could expand to the point that normal CRM operations were affected.  That’s a worse-case scenario. Regardless of current system performance, an abnormally large number of records in this table can slow down the upgrade […]

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Dynamics CRM 4.0-2011 Upgrade Tip #2 Know your plugins

One of the most important aspects of the CRM 4.0 upgrade is what will happen to your plugins. The first question to ask yourself is: Do I have any plugins installed? That may seem like a strange question but what if CRM was installed 4 years ago […]

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CRM Migration Assistant is Microsoft Platform Ready for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

We’ve pass the Platform Ready test for CRM 2011: Microsoft Platform Ready is proud to recognize CRM Accelerators for their compatible application on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.   You can find our entry in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace  here.

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