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SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM

Finally, the tool that gives you a complete SnapShot!
of your Dynamics CRM Organization configuration
in only minutes.

If you are looking for a tool to just document your Dynamics CRM metadata, I would recommend this tool:


But if you need more than just metadata, then SnapShot! is the tool you need in your toolbox.  In fact, the only way to extract most of the data in these reports is to write a custom application to do so.  Let us save you the time and trouble by doing it for you.

Here is a list of the components documented by SnapShot!:

  • System Settings
  • Entities
  • Fields
  • Relationships
  • Views (with and without detail)
  • Forms
  • Option Sets
  • Connection Roles
  • Field Security Profiles
  • Field Permissions
  • Solutions
  • Web Resources
  • JScript Library Usage
  • Plugin Assemblies
  • Plugin Steps
  • Custom Workflow Activities
  • Processes
  • Templates
  • Business Units
  • Security Roles (with and without detail and with or without a dump of the raw data)
  • User Security Privileges
  • Users
  • Teams
  • User and Team Security Roles
  • Team Membership
  • Queues
  • User settings
  • Email Configuration Analysis

More detailed information may be found on the Details page.

Licensing and Pricing

SnapShot! has a variety of licensing options including single-organization, site, and partner licenses.

Single Organization License


per CRM organization

  • Covers all developers within a single firm
  • One CRM Organization
  • Annual maintenance: $90, 1st year included

Site License


per development site

  • Covers all developers within a single firm
  • Unlimited CRM Organizations
  • Annual maintenance $360, 1st year included

Partner License


per legal entity

  • Covers multiple-office partner firms, all of their developers
  • Unlimited CRM Organizations
  • Annual maintenance: $1,800, 1st year included


Sample Report

You may download a sample report from one of my developer organizations here.

The report was generated from the Contoso demo organization but has had additional commercial and custom solutions added to it, as many typical Dynamics CRM organizations have. This should give you a good feel for the data being extracted.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are a few ways SnapShot! can help:

Even though I have assigned the proper security roles to a user, they are still receiving security errors.
SnapShot! uses the Dynamics CRM SDK to extract all information from the system. When working with security roles, an SDK method is used that reports the security applied to a user, after all of their security has been applied. If you look at the User Privileges report for that user, you will see that they only have read-access to most fields. In all likelihood, this is caused by the License Type for the user being set to Read Only or Administrative.
I need to review all of the System Settings to ensure that the previous administrator has everything set correctly.
The System Settings report will show all settings within the system – both those on the System Settings page as well as the internal settings that are not displayed within the Dynamics CRM user interface.
I am new to the company, customer, or project and I need to know everything I can about the Dynamics CRM configuration.
No problem. Do these steps:
  1. Run SnapShot!
  2. Select all options.
  3. Check the Pack and Go checkbox on the ribbon.
  4. Click the Create button.
  5. Go get yourself a cup of coffee.
  6. When you get back, plus or minus a few minutes, your Dynamics CRM system will be fully documented and all of the files zipped for easy transport via email or thumb-drive.
I need a compete export of all Entity and Field schema information.
There are several reports that will help in this case: Entities, Fields, and Relationships.
I need to a complete list of supporting data: Business Units, Users, Teams, and Queues.
There are reports for each that contain the most relevant information about each entity type.
We have a huge JavaScript code-base and I need to get a handle on what is being used and where.
We have three reports for web resources:
  • The Web Resources report lists all web resources within the organization.
  • The JScript Library report lists the Entities and Forms where each JScript Library is used.
  • The JScript Function Reference report documents each Form Event within the organization and what function is being called for that event.
I need a complete list of all custom security roles.
Custom security roles and their privileges are documented and look exactly like the forms with Dynamics CRM – right down to the colored circles.
I have a problem with one user’s security and I don’t know what security she should actually have.
The User Privilege report shows the exact security the user has after all user and team security roles have been applied. Many people overlook the team security roles so sometimes unexpected privileges get applied. This report looks just like the Security Role report (colored circles) and shows the end result of all merged security roles. This is very useful for tracking down privilege issues.
I need a complete list of all of my System Views.
The Views report lists a summary of all views. In addition, should you wish, you can create additional documents that list the detail of each view which includes the display columns, filter criteria, and FetchXML statement used to perform the search.
I have a problem with option set values not showing the same values when a Lead is converted into a Contact.
The Option Set report shows all option sets, Entity-based and global, in a single list. This allows you to compare the numerical value with the display label to make sure values match across Entities.


Do you have a documentation problem not address by SnapShot! If so, please let us know.


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