Transformer! for Dynamics CRM

Save hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours converting your Dynamics CRM 4.0 JavaScript!

The JavaScript object model for CRM 2011 has been totally restructured to provide  a more robust platform for xRM development.

That restructuring required a totally different and separate object model which  gives the JavaScript developer a tremendous amount of additional functionality while also adding support for development practices which were widely used in CRM 4.0,  but totally unsupported, like hiding and showing fields, sections, tabs, navigation elements, etc.

If you are upgrading to Dynamics CRM 2013, the Dynamics CRM 4.0 object model is no longer supported. One of the pre-validation checks performed by the upgrade tool is to check for JavaScript using Dynamics CRM 4.0 methods (code and web services). The upgrade will not continue if such items are present.

Another good reason to get your scripts converted.

Let Us Do the Hard Work For You

The conversion process is really just a lot of typing, copying and pasting, and analysis. It’s tedious, but not really rocket science. So, why don’t you give us the job of performing the bulk of the conversion process while you concentrate on the remaining hard-to-convert issues and application redesign (sometimes there is some of that).

Blazingly Fast Conversion

Convert the JavaScript from an entire organization, for all entities, in minutes. Convert directly from CRM 4 or CRM 2011 or from an exported CRM 4.0 customization file.Here are the statistics from a real-life CRM project that I worked on for almost two years:

Files: 144, Lines of JavaScript: 7,408, Conversion time: 00:00.30.
And yes, that is 0.30 seconds.

Note: This is for the actual conversion process itself, not for any work related to extracting customizations or saving the converted JavaScript files to disk. The physical file conversion adds additional time, but even in a JavaScript-heavy environment, it’s usually less than a minute.

Read the full article: So just how fast is your JavaScript conversion tool-

Get Supported!

We have invested a tremendous amount of energy researching in understanding the conversion process.

Do we convert everything from CRM 4.0?  No.

Many developers used internal and unsupported methods and functions which have no equivalent within CRM 2011. Wherever possible, the CRM 4.0 JavaScript is converted into CRM 2011 JavaScript that is both “legal” and supported.

When we can’t successfully convert the JavaScript, we insert a conversion alert so that you know where within the code a problem exists. This information is also written to a conversion report so you have a summary of the changes that will need to be manually converted.

You can review the supported and unsupported keywords list here.

Add Cross-Browser Support

The CRM 4.0 JavaScript object model is only supported by Internet Explorer. If your organization needs to take advantage of the upcoming cross-browser support being added in the CRM 2011 Fall release, your JavaScript will need to be converted into the CRM 2011 object model in order to function in other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

View the Documentation and Sample Reports

Documentation Sample Conversion Output Files Sample Conversion Report

Download the Trial

Not ready to make the jump into a new product just yet? Then why don’t you download the trial version.

Download Trial

Once you have made up your mind, and made your purchase, the demonstration-version can be converted to a full-version simply by installing a valid license key.

The trial version has a reduced feature set:

Supported Entities

Only the Account and Contact Entities will be converted. Additional entities will be ignored.

Import JavaScript

The ability to convert JavaScript files found in a folder is disabled.

Upload Capabilities

You cannot upload converted JavaScript into CRM 2011.

Note: Even though the display of the converted JavaScript has been limited, the Conversion Report produced contains the full analysis produced during the conversion process.


Make a Purchase

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