SnapShot! 3.5 for Dynamics CRM Released

A new version of SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM is now available.  See the product page for more information.



The following enhancements have been made:


Security Privilege Raw Data Report

The Raw Security report now includes the entity name which should better allow you to filter the data to examine the data that is being report back from Dynamics CRM.


Empty JavaScript Event Handlers

This may be an edge-case for most people, but for some it might be fairly useful.  Here is the scenario:

You are upgrading your Dynamics CRM system from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013 or 2015 and you have a lot of JavaScript still in the Dynamics CRM 4.0 object model.  That means that you cannot upgrade to CRM 2013 because it will not pass the pre-upgrade checks.

You need to verify the physical upgrade process in your test environment to make sure that everything will work in production, but you have not fully completed the JavaScript upgrade. ( Something that Transformer! is really go at.)

This new feature will create empty JavaScript functions for each Event Handler found on a form.  This allows you to temporarily replace the actual web resources with a web resource consisting of these empty functions, commonly called “stubs.”

This will allow you to verify the upgrade process because you have removed all of the CRM 4.0 JavaScript, and since the functions actually exist within the web resources, your forms will function as they always have and you will not receive “object not found” messages as you would see had you just removed the contents of the web resource entirely. (which is the other option).



Issues Corrected

The user-security report was not always reporting the correct information in the Custom Entities section, so I spent some type to track down the issue and correct the report. While I was in that area, I also enhanced the report to make it better resemble the Security Role display. The entities are now sorted alphabetically and when no security privilege is found, the white circle is displayed.

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