Screen-Shot Documentation Ends Here! Today! 

With SnapShot!, the ultimate documentation tool for Dynamics CRM/365/Microsoft DataVerse

Documentation does not have to be this hard...

If you have worked with Dynamic CRM or Dynamics 365 for any length of time, you know that producing documentation covering more than just the metadata (entities, fields, etc.), can be a challenge.

In fact, much of the system requires you to take screen shots with applications like SnagIt because there is really no other way to accomplish the task.

While this may work for smaller projects, producing a comprehensive end-of-project, end-of-cycle documentation can become a nightmare - and one that repeats itself over, and over, and over again.

A Serious Problem In Search of a Serious Solution...

Let's face it: You have real work to do. Spending hours looking at developer notes (if they exist) and taking screen shots just to satisfy a procedural requirement is probably not the best use of your time.

While there are solutions available to document some parts of your system, there is just no way to easily extract much of the information without resorting to a custom application or a PowerShell script. I know this because this is exactly what I did for years: Created one silly application after another that extracted just the data that I needed for whatever project I was working on. It became very tiresome and in the end, very difficult to manage. This got me to thinking...

What if you had access to a tool that could connect to a Dynamics CRM/365 system and extract all of the relevant settings, configuration, and data?

What if that tool was easy to use and supported versions 2011 through Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft DataVerse?

What if that tool dug into the depths of Dynamics CRM/365 and retrieved settings and insights that you did not know existed?

What if you could have that tool installed and producing documentation in less than 30 minutes?

What about that?

With those things in mind, on November 27th, 2012, I released SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM. And it's only gotten better since.

Now every Dynamics CRM/365 Administrator, Consultant, and Business Analyst can create picture-perfect documentation and save many hours of manual labor. 

Give SnapShot! 30 Minutes and It Will Give You Amazing Documentation

Disclaimer Alert: Ok, sometimes it 5 minutes, sometimes it's 30, and sometimes it depends. It's all relevant to the number and depth of your customizations, but the majority of the time SnapShot! will run in less than 30 minutes.

Here are the major categories for which SnapShot! creates reports. You may see the layout and structure of the entire output folder system by visiting this page. You may also find some tips and tricks here.

To see a full SnapShot! of an fairly well-loaded Dynamics organization, click this link to download a sample report.
( Be advised: It's almost 70MB of files so it may take a while. )

Click this link to download the V5 release notes.


Can you say Kitchen Sink? We don't just stop with metadata. The Customizations reports really digs deep into Dynamics CRM/365 to help you understand your Dynamics CRM system from the inside out.


The most useful Administration and Business Management settings are also reported on.


I am quite proud of the level of detail found in the Security Reports. Not only does it document everything related to security, but it also creates reports that resemble the Dynamics CRM/365 interface so they are easily consumable by others with Dynamics CRM/365 knowledge. Check out a sample Security Role report here.


The Email Configuration reports detail the various email entities with Dynamics CRM/365. The Email Settings report consolidates both system and user email settings within a single report. This is most helpful since many of the settings that cause issues are actually User Personal Options, which are maintained at the user, not system-level.

The Auditing Summary gives you a comprehensive review of the auditing settings across all of your entities and fields.


OK, to be honest, some of these are a bit esoteric but they solved a problem I was having on a project at one time or the other so I have included them in hopes that they would be useful to others.

However, the Automation Testing Matrix report is fairly useful. It identifies all of the events that can happen to an entity or field. This list can be used to assist the Quality Assurance department when testing changes.

Running SnapShot! - Start to Finish

This is all it takes to create a SnapShot! report:



Using any of the supported connection methods: Online, On-Premises, IFD (Federation)



As you can see from the images above, selecting the reports you wish to export is simply a matter of checking a box.



After all, the reports have be written somewhere.



Instructs SnapShot! to start the data extraction and reporting process.

And there you have it.  It really is that easy.

What People are Saying...

KPMG Australia uses SnapShot! on all our Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement projects using our global partner license. SnapShot! enables us to quickly and automatically document our clients’ system configuration customisations in a couple of minutes as a regular step in our agile release process. Having accurate and up-to-date system documentation easily available builds confidence in every client that KPMG is a trustworthy partner able to support and enhance their most complex business solutions..

Neil Benson
Director of Customer Engagement, KPMG Australia

I have been a SnapShot! Customer since version 2.3, and it has saved me countless hours I would have spent digging through various sections of Dynamics CRM as well as adding a complete-ness to my monthly backups. I have complete documentation for custom security roles, workflows, duplicate detection rules and more. You get the peace of mind knowing that you have all of your organization’s specific settings in one easy-to-access location, and the comfort of having that information in a user-friendly format for analysis. If you are going to administer Dynamics CRM, you have to use SnapShot! – period!

Robert McAnally
CRM Administrator, BizNetSoftware

Socius uses SnapShot! as we acquire new Dynamics CRM/365 clients and in upgrade situations. It helps us understand the complexities and customizations before we upgrade or redesign a system. Over the past year it has saved us, and our clients, significant time and effort to analyze new systems.

Meghan Reed
CRM Consultant, Socius

SnapShot! is the most thorough Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM documentation tool that I have ever used. When engaging with a new client, planning for an upgrade, or documenting the completion of a project I find it indispensable. I am particularly fond of its ability to identify all the JavaScript resources, including where they are used. Its ability to document a system’s security configuration is also unparalleled.For the amount of time and energy it saves, ShapShot! is a great value!

Aron F
Senior Consultant, xRM Edge LLC

Is SnapShot! Right for You?

SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM/365 is not for everyone, so please review the sections below to see if you are one of the people who will get the most results.


  • The Dynamics CRM/365 Administrator who needs a current and accurate "snapshot" of their existing configuration
  • The Business Analyst nearing the end of an Agile Sprint who needs to show a comparison on what was done in this sprint vs. the last
  • The Consultant who is walking into a new project or who is just finishing up a current project and wants to add one more cool deliverable to Wow! their customer.
  • The new CIO who just inherited a nightmare and wants to get a handle on exactly how many cooks it takes to screw up a Dynamics CRM installation


  • People who value money more than time
  • College interns who are just checking a box on their resume
  • That guy in the corner with the red stapler
    • People who are just resting and vesting
  • The rest of you know who you are - don't make it awkward

Let's Get Started!

If you are already convinced, then head over to the SnapShot! download page and sign-up.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

report generation

I need a compete export of all Entity and Field schema information

We have a huge JavaScript code-base and I need to get a handle on what is being used and where

I have no clue why certain users can access entities and features that I think they should not have access to

I need to a complete list of supporting data: Business Units, Users, Teams, and Queues

I need a complete list of all custom security roles

Can SnapShot! document Workflows, Business Process Flows, and Business Rules?

licensing and usage

What level of Dynamics CRM/365 security do I need to run SnapShot!

Will SnapShot! work with Online and On-Premises versions?

How many users may use SnapShot!?

How can I get a refund?

Can SnapShot! connect to more than one instance of Dynamics CRM/365?


What type of application is SnapShot!

What are SnapShot!'s software requirements?

If I had to take a screen shot, what tool would I use?

Does the software have any OpenSource software in it?

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