Explorer! for Dynamics CRM


Have you explored your Dynamics CRM data lately?

Ensuring your Dynamics CRM database is optimal has always been a challenge. To make sure your users are the most productive, you must continually ask yourself:

  • Do I really show my users the data they need to see?
  • Do I have fields in the database not being used and just taking up disk space?
  • Are my forms properly designed, showing the most important information first?

Explorer! for Dynamics CRM can help you answer those questions and works with both CRM 4.0 and 2011.



  • Custom Entities that contain little or no data.
  • Entities with a higher proportion of disabled records to enabled records.
  • Fields containing data that do not exist on a form.
  • Fields that exist on a form but don’t contain data.
  • Fields that contain little or no data but are located at the top of the form.
  • Custom fields containing little or no data.



The following editing capabilities are built into Explorer!:
Fields can be deleted and you can change the Display Name, Requirement Level, and Is Searchable flag.
Entities can be deleted and you can change the Display Name

Explorer! also supports Publishing your Entity changes or Publishing All Customizations, without the need to return back to Dynamics CRM to complete the task.


Export to Excel

Any list of data may be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.




Check Dependencies

Dynamics CRM will only allow you to delete Entities and Fields if they are not referenced by other components within the system. The Dependency Report lists any locations where they are being used.


Bulk Analysis

A new Bulk Analysis feature has been added that scans all entities and produces an Excel report showing the usage of all custom fields.

Pricing and Licensing

Unlimited developers
Unlimited CRM Organizations
No annual Maintenance
Limited to Account Entity only
Single Organization License
Unlimited Developers
One CRM Organization
Annual maintenance: $90, 1st year included
Site License
Covers all developers within a single firm
Unlimited CRM Organizations
Annual maintenance $360, 1st year included
Partner License
Covers multiple-office partner firms, all of their developers
Unlimited CRM Organizations
Annual maintenance $1,800, 1st year included